About us

ARKAD is Southern Sweden’s largest career fair organized by the Student Union every year in November. About 150 companies visit LTH for two days to get a chance to meet the students who study here. The weeks before ARKAD are filled with exciting and inspiring events that will prepare you for the fair.

We, the Project Group, has the ultimate responsibility for ARKAD. We work throughout the year with ARKAD and we have a wide range of areas of responsibility, all to make the fair as good as possible. The project is divided into three smaller groups. ARKAD 2017 consists of the Fair and Logistics Group, Marketing and Communication Group and Event and Banquet Group.

Gain insights

Our goal is to offer a fair where both students and companies can gain insights. We hope that the fair can make a considerable impact on future career decisions for the visiting students.

Networking for everybody

We believe that ARKAD should offer networking for all students and that everyone should feel that the fair and the events provide opportunities for them as an unique individual.


We feel passionate about organizing a fair that focuses on sustainability. Our goal is to take all possible actions towards a fair with minimal environmental impact