ARKAD is the largest career fair in the southern of Sweden and is organized annually by the Student Union at Lund University, Faculty of Engineering(LTH). For two days in November more than150 companies and organizations visit ARKADto meet 10 000 students who are currently studying to become Masters of Science in Engineering, Bachelors of Science in Engineering, Fire Protection Engineers, Architects and Industrial Designers at LTH. This year the fair will take place the 15thto the 16thof November 2017.

ARKAD is a unique opportunity to showcase your company and its expertise, and to inform the students about why you are their future employer. You will also be able to gain insight into the wide educational range of LTH and the numerous students who are currently studying here.

ARKAD is more than a career fair. During the weeks preceding the fair, the students have the chance to partake in various forms of exciting events. At the inauguration the evening before the fair, and at the ARKAD Banquet the evening of the first day of the fair, you will get additional opportunities to network with the students.